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As you read all about 100+ resources included in the bundle below, remember that you'll also get a FREE Blogger To Wordpress Transfer Kit (along with the hosting and other bonuses!) when you purchase your homemaking bundle below. Basically, you save $7 AND get 100+ amazing resources and bonuses - all at the same time! Just email your Homemaking Bundle receipt to us and we'll send your transfer kit over! By popular demand, 100+ homemaking bloggers are bringing back The Ultimate Continue Reading

How To Choose A Really Good Domain Name

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The name of your blog is one of those decisions that feels monumental.  It’s like naming a child.  It represents you, your passions, your goals and your new life.  Additionally, the name of a blog is a powerful marketing tool.  Jane’s Store may feel right to the owner however it doesn’t communicate the benefits and uniqueness of the business to potential customers.   How To Choose A Really Good Domain Name   Step One:  Give Yourself Time.   You need to take some time Continue Reading

How to optimize your blog post images for better SEO

How to optimize your blog post images for better SEO

Adding images to your blog is a very good idea. It does not lower the perceived quality of your content because what you are writing is not a book, and for all pretension there are no people who are going to think your blog posts reach the same academic or literary merit as texts that are published in hard copy or journals that exist online, so you can stop worrying about if blog post images are going to make your content more low brow because it is by nature a blog post and is not as lauded as Continue Reading

5 Tips For Increasing Your Blog’s Traffic


  Are you envious of those blogs which seem to generate thousands of readers and subscribers and who are invariably making thousands of dollars from blogging?  Set aside your envy and pay careful attention.  They’re not making thousands of dollars doing anything you don’t already know how to do.  The trick? They’re doing them consistently and you can too. Here’s what the big blogs do to grow their blog and how you can too:   #1  Guest blog. Guest blogging is a fantastic Continue Reading

Beating The Blogging Blues – Focusing & Staying Motivated Even When It’s Difficult

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If you are very busy then you may find it difficult to keep yourself motivated and also focused on the task at hand. So how can you juggle an equal balance between work and motivation and work and focus? Improving Your Focus You may begin to lose focus on the task at hand while you are working. This happens to many people and you are not alone. To overcome this, you need to learn how to remain focused even when times may be difficult to do so. Check out these tips for staying focused Continue Reading

A Video’s Worth A Few Thousand Words

A Video's Worth a Few Thousand Words

When a person clicks on an Internet link, there's no telling how long they can be expected to stay on the page. Web users can be notoriously fickle, spending as little as a few seconds on any given page before moving on to a new site. What's more, the text that you throw onto your site may not have much of an effect on the duration. Nielsen reports a user may read as little as 20 percent of the words on a given page. Improving your website with text alone won't cut it, but incorporating video Continue Reading

Top 10 WordPress Plugins for Marketing Your Blog

Top 10 WordPress Plugins To Market Your Blog

A standard WordPress website is one of the most powerful tools an online marketer has at their disposal. WordPress makes it easy to create a high quality, well organized website, to regularly update that website without knowing any HTML, and to personalize the look and feel of the site by using one of the thousands of freely available customizable themes.   But savvy bloggers can take things one step further and make their WordPress websites even more powerful. By using plugins that Continue Reading

From A Reader: How to Take Your Own Headshot (with an iPhone!)


Having a great headshot for your blog sidebar or about page can add a huge personal touch to your blog!  But it can be really expensive to have a professional photo shot taken. Ellie, one of our amazing Blogelina readers, shared her recent post - which could save you money, time, AND give you a great photo for your blog! Check Out Her Tutorial Here: How to Take Your Own Headshot (with an iPhone!) Continue Reading