$0.99 Blogger-To-WordPress Transfers (Hosting Included!)

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To kick off the month of October, I thought we'd do something a little different - a little fun! Help Blogelina Reach 8,000 Facebook Fans - And We'll Give Away $.99 Blogger To Wordpress Transfer - For Everyone! Normally, our transfers are normally $149... BUT, if we get to 8,000 Likes on our Facebook Page by October 15th, we'll do a day long $.99 deal on our transfer service.  That means, we move over all your content, redirect your old blog to the new one, move your design elements, redirect Continue Reading

Blogging in the Cloud: Maximize Your Blogging Impact


There's a lot going around about blogging in the cloud so I asked Deepanshu to share a post with us to help us understand a little more about what that is and how it might apply to our own blogging... Bloggers make a living out of their writing skills. Most bloggers have a rudimentary technical knowledge. And, when it comes to adopting the latest technology, they are hesitant and confused. This should not be the case. Cloud computing – probably, this is the most buzzed words in web today. Continue Reading

Three Proven Traffic Tactics that Work Well

Three Proven Traffic Tactics that Work Well

There are tactics and techniques that work particularly well in small niche blogging. A small niche tends to have a smaller audience that's better connected, with just a few marketers with large sites or lists. There's also often less information to go around, which makes unique opinions and techniques much more valuable. Here are three proven tactics for bringing traffic to a blog in a small, targeted niche. Ask Your Readers to Promote Your Info In small niches, people are much more likely Continue Reading

Why Branding Is Crucial For Your Blog

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When it comes to branding, most people tend to think of big brand advertising: Coca-Cola, McDonald's and Microsoft spend money on branding. But it doesn't really apply to smaller businesses and especially not bloggers - or does it? Believe it or not, branding is actually crucial to success in any industry. In this article, you'll learn why that is, plus you'll learn several of the big benefits of having strong branding in your niche. Your Reputation Precedes You Once your blog has been around Continue Reading

Attention Bloggers: We Want To Promote YOUR Posts In October!


Next month, we're going to be focusing a lot on the topic, "Time Management For Bloggers". We all know there is A LOT that goes into blogging - and then you have everything else going on in your life on top of that! So, I don't know about you, but I'm always looking for ways to streamline things to make my time just a little more productive. That being said - we're going to be sharing tips and resources and ideas and checklists and pointers and planners... and more! ... all month long in Continue Reading

Running Out Of Blog Post Ideas? 4 Ways To Breathe New Life Into Your Blog


Maybe you’ve heard that there’s nothing new under the sun. That may or may not be true but it will depend on you and your creative juices. In order to find new ideas for posts that your readers will love, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel – just discover unique ways to make it roll better. Here are five ways that will assist with generating post topic ideas for your blog. Digital is Where it’s At Technology has propelled not only personal growth but business growth into the stratosphere. Continue Reading

The 7 Step Affiliate Marketing Guide For Newbies {Infographic}


If you're a new blogger and you're trying to wrap your head around what exactly affiliate marketing is and how it all works, don't feel like you're alone!  You're NOT! We're hoping that the infographic below will give you a clearer picture of the Affiliate Marketing process - but, if you still have questions, be sure to leave them in the comments below! Affiliate Marketing: The 7 Step Guide For Newbies Still Have Questions? Leave them in the comments below! Continue Reading

What Makes your Blog Different From Others In Your Niche?

What Makes your Blog Different From Others In Your Niche?

This is the number one question to ask of yourself when you first start blogging - and then periodically over the years, as well. “If you build it, they will come” only works in the movies. There is a thought process that needs to be followed to give your blog a chance to shine and really succeed. The first person to question is yourself. You are the owner of your blog. You are the one seeking readers for what you have to offer. The issue is that most niches are saturated with other bloggers. Continue Reading