Five Effective Ways to Overcome Writer’s Block

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Writer's block is the test of all writers’ endurance, expertise and passion for their profession. All of us have our personal and professional nightmares. We shudder at failing the next exam, we have sleepless nights pondering over how our interviews would go, we may have nightmares thinking about how we are going to propose to that lovely person we met on the road. But do you know what is  the biggest nightmare of a writer? Sitting in front of his notebook or computer screen and not being able Continue Reading

How To Make Money on YouTube {Infographic}


Have you ever considered using YouTube as a marketing channel for your blog? Maybe you assumed you had to be one of those YouTube "sensations" - people who have uploaded videos that have gone viral - to make any money from YouTube. YouTube is the second most used search engine online after Google, so you might have more opportunity to make money for your blog using YouTube than you thought. Check out the How To Make Money on YouTube infographic for more information on how you can make YouTube Continue Reading

How To Know What’s Right for Your Blog: Facebook? Pinterest? Twitter?

The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media Marketing

If you’ve ever looked at Wikipedia’s “list of major active social networking sites”, you’d see they list over 200. That’s  a lot of social networks to potentially get involved in, but of course, you can’t be in al those places. Nor, do you need to be. You may find that some of those networks fit perfectly in with what you’re doing, but for the most part, you’ll probably focus your efforts into the some of the 5 big networks we’re going to talk about in this post. My goal is to help you Continue Reading

How To Manage Your Social Networking Time More Efficiently


Social media is one of the most important communication developments in a long time, but it’s also one of the biggest sources of distraction and is often a time suck for otherwise productive bloggers. Learning to manage your own social networking time will help you leverage all those great benefits and help you get rid of those unwanted side effects. Here are some tips to get you going… Know What You Want to Do Before you log into another social network, make sure you have a very clear idea Continue Reading

50 Great Blogging Tips


If you're new to blogging or even if you're a blogger who's been around the block for awhile, you're sure to find something great in this great list of 50 Blogging Tips from Michelle at Hey Love Designs. The tips are divided into categories: Layout and Design Tips Blogging Tools Promoting Your Blog Miscellaneous (inspiration, content generation, and more!) You're sure to find a great tip (or several!) to help move your blog forward toward your goals. Continue Reading

How To Use Your Blog to Build Your Email List

One of the most important aspects of having an active blog is building your email list. You want almost everyone who visits your blog to feel compelled to sign up for your email list. The best way to accomplish this is to provide excellent, varied, regular and targeted content. Plus, ask them to sign up directly. Excellent Content -- For content to be excellent it has to be well-written, and targeted to a particular audience. Everything on your site needs to be accurate and above average from Continue Reading

Add a Podcast to Your Blog for Wider Impact

Checklist for Evaluating a Potential Niche

Some people like listening to ideas more than they like reading about ideas. If you add a podcast to your blog you can create a wider impact due to that reason. Some people are visual learners and some are audio learners. That's another reason why repurposing content works so well. Giving your audience a multitude of ways to digest your information will go a long way to creating success for you. You can offer your audience a way to listen to each blog post, rather than just read it. You can Continue Reading